The Benefits of Academic Writing

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What’s the easiest way to write an academic essay? To make sure that your argument fits your professor’s point of view.

This way, you won’t have to spend time doing original research or analyzing new data since everything you’ve read and studied in class is more than capable of supporting your argument.

Anyway, who wants to spend time in the library when you have so many other things to do?

There might be a few reasons, after all. Academic writing can become one of the most rewarding parts of your college experience, but only if you do it right.

When you are passionate about your subject, when you truly believe that your argument is important, when you start seeing connections between the things that seemed completely unrelated at first — that’s when your writing becomes real.

Whether it’s politics, psychology or art, write about something that matters to you rather than something that other people hold to be true. When your essay is not just a reiteration of someone else’s opinions, but a platform for voicing your own ideas and thoughts, the writing process will bring you nothing but joy and help you start thinking critically and independently.

Besides, professors are people, too. Eventually, they get tired of reading the same essays over and over again so when you submit something different, chances are your professor will remember your name when it’s time to give out semester grades.

So when you take the road less travelled, come up with your own argument and support your ideas with relevant facts and high-quality sources, getting an A on your essay will prove to be much easier than it used to — and spending an extra hour in the library won’t seem like a bad idea, after all!