5 Tips for Writing a Great Essay

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1. Choose a topic that matters to you

To choose a topic for your essay, you have to conduct a literature review: to analyze the books that provide an overview of your topic, research the academic articles describing the current research findings and read the news articles highlighting up-to-date facts.

However, the most impart part of your research process is to choose an issue or a topic that you really care about. If you try to write about something that you are not invested in, coming up with a research question and conducting a literature review will be much harder than it should be.

2. Write a catchy introduction

Your introduction has to set the tone for your entire essay. Your introduction can include a creative quote, a shocking fact or a captivating narrative — the most important part is to grab your reader's attention and to make them want to read the rest of your paper.

3. Cite relevant sources

Whenever you make an important statement or introduce an original point of view, you need to strengthen your argument by citing relevant and authoritative sources. A strong bibliography is a hallmark of an A-plus student so be sure to include at least 10 high-quality sources in your work.

4. Give a few arguments against — and then crush them

To make your writing stronger and even more persuasive, consider a few possible arguments against your thesis. By challenging your argument, you can introduce another point of view and then prove it wrong, making a case for your own reasoning.

Write a strong conclusion

The way you choose to end your paper can make or break your grade. The last sentence of your conclusion should make you feel like dropping the mic. If your conclusion doesn't have the desired effect, then it probably needs to be stronger.